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*Dear Users, this application is for MPT retailers, if you want to become a retailer please email: [email protected]
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*Dear Users, this application is for MPT retailers, if you want to become a retailer please email: [email protected]

We value our retailers; your success is important to us.

This application will allow you to
– Streamline the e-top up process
– Enjoy a better user interface
– Eliminate wrong transactions

with the following features:

1. MPT number – The e-top up plus application will default to MPT prefix (+95 9), which will eliminate the difference of the number formats. You will only need to input the minimum required digits.
2. Phone Number prefix control – To eliminate wrong number recharges only MPT number prefixes will be accepted. The app will check against MPT number prefixes.
3. Phone Number number range control – The e-top up plus application will check the destination Phone Number as per defined MPT number prefixes and associate it with length.
4. Denomination options – To streamline the amount selection, the retailer will be able to select top ups from predefined amounts
(500, 1.000, 3.000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000, 30.000, 40.000, 50.000,100.000 kyats).
5. Denomination control –To avoid any wrong inputs, only predefined amounts are allowed.
6. Save PIN – To increase the speed for each top up, the application supports “PIN save” option. You can select “save PIN” option and PIN will be pre-filled for all subsequent recharges, eliminating the need to manually type the pin each time for every recharge.
7. Final Control: The avoid any wrong transactions, the E-Top up plus application will only allow you to make the transaction only after the destination Phone Number is entered correctly and amount is selected.

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