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Store, Send, Receive, Exchange and Buy Bitcoin cryptocurrency — with advanced mobile financial services options coming soon.
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Store, Send, Receive, Exchange and Buy Bitcoin cryptocurrency — with advanced mobile financial services options coming soon.

Join the waiting list inside the app today to secure your position for new Wirex multi-currency accounts and cards.

The new Wirex app combines modern mobile financial services with cutting-edge cryptocurrency, offering the first truly crypto-friendly service. Wirex first became famous as a full-featured Bitcoin wallet with loadable payment card, helping early cryptocurrency users to safely manage, exchange and buy Bitcoin with ease; making it the preferred Bitcoin wallet worldwide.

Today, Wirex offers advanced mobile financial services with real currency accounts, real debit cards and multi-currency crypto exchange. Features will be released across 200 countries in phases, with pre-registration waiting list now open inside the app!

Our SegWit Enabled Bitcoin wallet stores your digital cash, making it ready to convert to local currencies, immediately available in your Wirex account. Spend your money anytime using your Wirex debit card, securely and effectively.

>> View your Bitcoin/crypto balance, transaction history, exchange rates and more

>> Send and receive Bitcoin/crypto with ease, anytime, anywhere in the world

>> Zero fees and wait time when transferring Bitcoins within the Wirex community

>> Instant currency conversion from USD, GBP and EUR to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and back again

>> Account balances for Bitcoin and local currencies updated in real-time.

>> Buy and sell digital money like Bitcoin and dozens of other digital-currencies

Open your free account, fund it using financial transfers or payment services and buy your Bitcoins instantly. You get exactly what you see, you pay no fees for buying Bitcoin. You get a Bitcoin Wallet, real monetary account and payments cards (debit cards or prepaid cards depending on location) — available in GBP at first with more global currencies being added soon. Use your cards to shop anywhere VISA is accepted. Your Virtual or Plastic Wirex card lets you buy anything, anywhere.

Wirex allows you to make instant money transfers whenever you need to with ease. You can send money directly to anyone (at home or abroad), without needing a high-street savings account or expensive money transfer service, anywhere in the world, anytime.

With the Wirex payment card, your funds can be exchanged from your Bitсoin Wallet into FIAT currency to then spend on your Virtual or Plastic Card. Use for in-store purchases, online shopping and cash withdrawal at the ATM.

Getting set up is simple, complete registration on the app and access our free guides covering Bitcoin basics along with more advanced topics. Join the Wirex community and stay informed with expert blogs, Bitcoin news, altcoin tutorials, live rate Bitcoin price monitor and Bitcoin podcasts.

“A terrific idea that functions well. Allows me to use crypto without hassle.” Andrew R, Jan 2018

Wirex is free-to-use and available in dozens of countries with a choice of 13 languages – English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Filipino, Greek, Portuguese.

Wirex accounts are secured with PIN protection, 2-Factor Authentication and come with a full-featured Bitcoin wallet. You can instantly block your card if you suspect that somebody else is using it or if you lost or misplaced your card.

Wirex is the premier solution for FIAT virtual and plastic debit cards funded via cryptocurrency exchange. Imagine being able to use both cash and cryptocurrency, choosing the more convenient and cheaper option for you at the time. Wirex offers cutting-edge mobile financial services for money transfers, money exchanges, savings and investments, mobile wallets, payment card solutions and more.

Download Wirex today and discover the world's leading Bitcoin financial services app and Bitcoin debit card provider.

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